About Cynosport®

Cynosport®—meaning "cyno"—the latin derivative of the ancient greek word root "Keno," meaning "of the dog," and sport, referring to competitive physical activities.

Cynosport® is a registered trademark of United States Dog Agility Association, Inc. All rights reserved.

About Cynosport.TV

Cynosport.TV is an initiative of United States Dog Agility Association, Inc., a company whose purpose is to foster the growth of recreational canine sport, while providing educational information and promoting interaction between people and their dogs. Through education, dogs may become more socially accepted in society. By spending quality time with one's pet, the lives of both dogs and dog owners can be enriched.

At Cynosport.TV, our objective is to present quality educational and entertainment-based video content that will help educate in the area of responsible pet ownership and training, as well as to demonstrate the many types of sporting events available for dog owners today.

Cynosport.TV is an on-demand service for the distribution of archived video and live streamed events. To provide the best opportunity for you to view our content, we include with all live streamed events the opportunity to watch replays of the live stream through on demand viewing for a limited period of time following each live webcast.

Cynosport.TV welcomes content providers who wish to contribute to this cause by supplying or producing video content in the following areas:
  • Health Care
  • Behavioral and Obedience Training for the family pet
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Activities for People and their Dogs
  • Training for different Dog Sports Activities
If you are interested in becoming a CYNOSPORT.TV content provider, contact sales@usdaa.com. Royalty and other incentive-based compensation arrangements are available. Please provide us your name, business name, location (city and state), email address, telephone number, and indicate the best time for us to call if you wish to learn more about content contractual provisions.
2017 Cynosport® World Games - Live Stream & On Demand